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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cook up some Love: Part 1

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, bake up some homemade love for your sweethearts. Next week I'll post a special dinner menu. But first things first, DESSERT! Now I love chocolate as much as the next girl, but I usually choose a different dessert over chocolate cake. Well, no more! This chocolate bundt cake is fantastic and I love how beautiful it looks with its thick frosting poured over the top. And the best part is that it's a cinch to make since it starts with a cake mix. Thankfully no one was around to see me frantically licking all the frosting off the bowl and mixers! This recipe is from the Sisters' Cafe cooking blog. I will be making this again on Valentine's Day for all the special boys in my life.

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Super Moist Chocolate Bundt Cake

1 devil's food cake mix
1 (4 serving size) instant chocolate pudding mix
4 large eggs
1 cup sour cream
1/2 cup warm water
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1 1/2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips

Place all ingredients except chocolate chips in a large mixing bowl. Blend with electric mixer for 1 minute. Stir down the sides and continue to mix on medium speed for 2-3 minutes. Stir in chocolate chips. Pour batter into prepared bundt pan. Bake 45-50 minutes at 350. Cool for 20 minutes. Invert onto serving platter.


1/2 cup (8 Tbsp) butter (not margarine)
4 Tbsp cocoa powder
1/3 cup evaporated milk
4 cups powdered sugar

Melt butter in medium saucepan over low heat. Whisk in cocoa and milk. Bring mixture just to boil, stirring constantly. Remove from heat. Beat in powdered sugar with electric mixer until thickened and smooth. Pour warm frosting over warm cake.


Lynn said...

This looks really good.

SavingSomeGreen said...

Holy cow! I am totally making this. Thanks for sharing!

Life with Kaishon said...

This looks too pretty. I saw another chocolate cake today I want to make too. Buttermilk is in it. I LOVE buttermilk! Yours is the prettiest though.

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

I have a similar recipe and it is wonderful. So, I know this will be great too. I love that frosting recipe. I am so glad you joined us, today, for Tempt My Tummy Tuesday.

Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

This looks so yummy! In the next week or two I'm going to be featuring Valentine's Desserts. I'd love to feature your cake!

The Schultz Clan said...

Oh no! I just started Weight Watchers...again! Maybe I'll save my weekly points for this lucious doozie :) Thanks Megan!

Overwhelmed! said...

Yum!! I love how perfect that chocolate icing looks on the cake in the picture. :)

Thanks for participating in my Favorite Ingredients Friday- Chocolate edition recipe exchange. I do appreciate it.

I hope you'll join me again this Friday for my Mardi Gras edition!

Gramma Carol said...

Megan this cake was fantastic and perfect for Leanne's birthday dinner. Thanks soooooooo much for making and bringing it! Mom